NITEP Theoretical Physics Seminar Series

Field theory for branes and higher-form symmetry


Date: July 18th (Thu), 9:00(JST)
Speaker: Kiyoharu Kawana (KIAS)
Title: Field theory for branes and higher-form symmetry

Abstract: We propose field theory for branes with higher-form symmetry. The field \psi is no longer a mere function of spacetime point but a functional of p-dimensional closed brane C_p embedded in a spacetime. We show that it is possible to construct an action that is invariant under higher-form transformation by utilizing the “area derivative”, which is a generalization of ordinary derivative \partial/\partial X^\mu. Then, we discuss various fundamental properties of this theory. The classical solution exhibits the area law in the unbroken phase of p-form symmetry, while it indicates a constant behavior (Perimeter law) in the broken phase. In the latter case, the low-energy effective theory is described by the p-form Maxwell theory. 
When time permits, I will also discuss gauged version of the brane-field theory and show that it is indeed a generalization of the Ginzburg-Landau theory for superconductivity.