Speaker: A. Gopakumar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India)

Title: OJ 287: Potential Rosetta stone for the nascent multi-messenger 
       nano-Hz GW astronomy

Recent observational campaigns and theoretical investigations strongly indicate 
the presence of a spinning supermassive black hole binary that spirals in due to 
the emission of nano-Hertz gravitational waves in bright blazar OJ 287. 
I will briefly describe these efforts while focusing on our August 2019 observations 
and their implications. Additionally, I will list our ongoing efforts, relevant to 
i) the Event Horizon Telescope Consortium, and 
ii) the International Pulsar Timing Array consortium which aims to detect GWs from 
  such massive BH systems soon.
These efforts should be helpful in pursuing persistent multi-messenger nano-Hz 
GW astronomy, especially in the Square-Kilometer Array era.