NITEP Lecture Series

NITEP Lecture Series 第2回


Speaker: Yuki Yokokura (理研)
Title: A Self-consistent Model of Evaporating Black Holes
日時:2019年3月29日(金) 16:00-17:30, 17:45-19:15, 19:30-
場所:大阪市立大学文化交流センター 大セミナー室

Abstract: Black holes evaporate by nature. From this point of view, we recently considered time evolution of a 4D spherical collapsing matter including the backreaction of both the matter and evaporation, and obtained a self-consistent solution of the semi-classical Einstein equation. It indicates that the collapsing matter becomes a dense object without horizon or singularity, and it has a surface and looks like a usual black hole from the outside. In this lecture, I will explain this story in a pedagogical way (using a black board). First, I will review Hawking’s original paper and show the essence of particle creation. Second, I will use a simple model to demonstrate how to solve the self-consistent equation. Then, I will derive the solution describing the above picture. Finally, I will discuss black hole entropy and information problem. [arXiv:1302.4733 and 1701.03455 + more]

16:00-17:30 Review of Hawking radiation
17:45-19:15 The model Part 1
19:30- Part 2