2023年度 大阪公立大学物理・NITEP+アトムの会共催 談話会

2001年にノーベル物理学賞を受賞され、その後も常に冷却原子の分野の中心で活躍されているWolfgang Ketterle教授の講演会を企画しました。お誘い合わせの上、ぜひご来場ください。(Zoom配信も開設します。)

Speaker:Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle (MIT)ヴォルフガング・ケターレ

Title:Ultracold atoms: From superfluid gases to spin transport and quantum simulators

Abstract: The realization of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute atomic gases has created a unique experimental platform to study materials in a new regime. The low density (a million times lower than air) of the gas allows control over the atoms and their interactions using the tools and precision of atomic physics. For atoms in a deep optical lattice, the motional degree is frozen out and control of the spin degree of freedom has emerged as a new frontier. I will report on recent results on spin transport which highlights the crucial role of the anisotropy in the paradigmatic Heisenberg Hamiltonian. Highly magnetic lanthanide atoms offer the possibility to study many-body physics with strong magnetic interactions. Using a new optical superresolution technique, we could localize dysprosium atoms with a separation much smaller than the diffraction limit of light, down to 50 nm, boosting magnetic dipole interaction by a factor of 1,000. These studies illustrate a new approach to condensed-matter physics where many-body phenomena are realized in dilute atomic gases.


Place:大阪公立大学 杉本キャンパス 学術情報センター10階 研究者交流室 (地図の11番の建物の10階です。)

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