22-27 November 2021
10th floor of Media Center, Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan & Zoom
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Invited Speakers

Bin Chen (PKU)
   On Galilean Conformal Bootstrap
Song He (ITP)
   How to multiply, add and expand amplitudes in theory space
Min-xin Huang (USTC)
   Penrose Limit: A Stringy Regime in Holography
Wei Song (Tsinghua U)
   A BMS-invariant free scalar model
Huajia Wang (KITP)
   Causal Shadow and modular flow in AdS/CFT: the degenerate case
Jun-Bao Wu (Tianjin U)
   Heavy-Heavy-Light Three-Point Functions from D-branes Revisited
Yang Zhou (Fudan U)
   Defect Extremal Surface and Partial Reduction
Dongmin Gang (Seoul National U)
   Non-unitary TQFTs from 3D N=4 rank 0  SCFTs
Hee-Cheol Kim (POSTECH)
   5d/6d Wilson loops from blowups
Seok Kim (Seoul National U)
   Quantum black holes from matrix models
Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)
   Twisted Compactification of 6d SCFTs
Sungjay Lee (KIAS)
   Emergent Supersymmetry on the Edges
Jaewon Song (KAIST)
   4d SCFTs with a=c
Piljin Yi (KIAS)
   Anomalies and Supersymmetry
Heng-Yu Chen (National Taiwan U)
   Machine Learning Exploration of Continuous Symmetries in Physical Systems
Chong-Sun Chu (National Tsing-Hua U)
   Conformal boundary condition and AdS/BCFT
Dimitrios Giataganas (National Sun Yat-sen U)
   Anisotropic Holography
Pei-Ming Ho (National Taiwan U)
   Effective Theory Breaks Down at Scrambling Time
Yu-tin Huang (National Taiwan U)
   Bounds on gravitational S matrix
Feng-Li Lin (National Taiwan Normal U)
   Weak Cosmic Censorship for Higher Derivative Gravity Theories
Y. Hamada (Harvard)
   Compactness, Finiteness, and the Swampland
M. Honda (YITP)
   Digital quantum simulation of the Schwinger model with topological term
Y. Imamura (Tokyo Inst Tech)
   Finite-N superconformal index via the AdS/CFT correspondence
S. Mizoguchi (KEK)
   What happens when conifold transitions occur at the conifold singularities associated with matter generation in F-theory?
S. Moriyama (Osaka City U)
   M2-branes & Quantum Curves
T. Nishioka (YITP)
   Topological pseudo entropy
T. Noumi (Kobe U)
   Gravitational Positivity Bounds and the Standard Model
K. Ohmori (U of Tokyo)
   Kramers-Wannier-like duality defects in (3 + 1)d gauge theories
K. Okuyama (Shinsyu U)
   FZZT branes in JT gravity and topological gravity
S. Yamaguchi (Osaka U)
   Anomaly of subsystem symmetry and anomaly inflow
K. Yoshida (Kyoto U)
   Yang-Baxter sigma models from 4D Chern-Simons theory