22-27 November 2021
10th floor of Media Center, Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan & Zoom
Asia/Tokyo timezone


------------------------------Third circular (17 Nov 2021)-------------------------------
Dear Participants,

We appreciate your participation in East Asia Joint Symposium on Fields and Strings 2021. The symposium will start at 9:30 Nov. 22 (JST). Here are details for the participants who will attend virtually the symposium:

(1) Program
is available from our website

(2) Zoom information
All talks are given by using Zoom (Capacity: 300). Please visit the following link:
Please do not redistribute this link. Please use the zoom app updated to the latest version.

(3) Talks
- Length of talks: 30 mins for invited talk; 15 mins for short talk

- Please turn off your microphone during the talks. If you have questions or comments, please unmute yourself. By default, the microphone is set to off when you connect the meeting room.

- During the symposium, we will keep open the breakout rooms. These will be used for asking further questions to the previous speakers, and for free discussions.

*to speakers*
- Please move to the breakout room assigned to you (see the small digits in the program) during the break after your talk for further questions and discussions.

(4) Poster session: no online broadcasting
Poster session will be held at the venue. The online participants cannot attend the poster session.

Best regards,
Kazunobu Maruyoshi

----------------------------- Second circualr (5 October 2021) -------------------------------------
Dear Colleagues,

We remind you of the abstract submission deadline for
"East Asia Joint Symposium on Fields and Strings 2021"
(Nov.22-27, @ Osaka City Univ.).

The deadline for abstract submission : Oct. 10, 2021
The deadline for registration : Nov. 15, 2021

Please visit our website

(Please note that we set the deadline for registration as above
although we did not specify one in the previous circular.)

On the registration page, you will be required to choose
"Participate at the venue" or "Participate online".
Please choose the former if you want to come to the venue at present,
even if you cannot make the final decision.
You may change it after registration.

Best regards,

Organization committee

----------------------------- First circular (7 September 2021)---------------------------------------
Dear Colleague,
This is the announcement of our international symposium “East Asia Joint Symposium on Fields and Strings,” which will be held at Sugimoto campus, Osaka City University on November 22- through 27, 2021, the last day being a free day for discussion. The main purpose of this symposium is to foster and develop further scientific friendship among east Asian countries in quantum field theory and string theory. We have kept our tradition since 2016 as a form of annually held international workshop/symposium except 2020. This year, we have determined to hold this in Osaka, Japan in hybrid form while the spell of COVID-19 is still pressing us every day.
The registration is now open: we did not specify the deadline. Please go to our web site:
There is no registration fee. The application for short talk (15min at this moment) or poster presentation is open as well. Its deadline is October 10: we may need some time for selection. We ask those who wish to give presentation to fill in necessary items upon registration. These include request for support for your travel: some financial source is available. The number of slots available is about 30 for short talks and about 20 for posters. We give priority to people who come to the conference venue against those who stay on line at Zoom.
We plan to publish the proceedings of our symposium consisting of 30-50 contributions which we anticipate primarily from young scientists at the short talk and poster. The fee will be covered by us.
The conference auditorium on the tenth floor of the venue can accommodate about 100 people, which is half as many as the maximum number, with regard to the latest OCU regulation on covid-19. We will probably accept general participants at the venue on a first-come-first-serve basis upon registration.
A list of invited speakers includes
Bin Chen (PKU), Song He (ITP), Min-xin Huang (USTC), Jianxin Lu (USTC), Wei Song (Tsinghua U), Huajia Wang (KITP), Yang Zhou (Fudan U)
Dongmin Gang (Seoul National U), Hee-Cheol Kim (POSTECH), Seok Kim (Seoul National U), Kimyeong Lee (KIAS), Sungjay Lee (KIAS), Jaewon Song (KAIST), Piljin Yi (KIAS)
Heng-Yu Chen (National Taiwan U), Chong-Sun Chu (National Tsing-Hua U), Dimitrios Giataganas (National Sun Yat-sen U), Pei-Ming Ho (National Taiwan U), Yu-tin Huang (National Taiwan U), Feng-Li Lin (National Taiwan Normal U)
M. Honda (YITP),Y. Imamura (Tokyo Inst Tech), S. Mizoguchi (KEK), S. Moriyama (Osaka City U), T. Nishioka (YITP), T. Noumi (Kobe U),K. Ohmori (U of Tokyo), K. Okuyama (Shinsyu U), S. Yamaguchi (Osaka U), K. Yoshida (Kyoto U)
We will put more information on this web site which we ask you to keep paying attention to.
International Organizing Committee:
C. S. Chu (National Tsing-Hua U), S. Iso (KEK), K. Lee (KIAS), J. Lu (USTC Hefei)
Organizing Committee:
M. Honda (YITP), Y. Imamura (Tokyo Inst Tech), S. Iso (KEK), H. Itoyama (Osaka City U, Chair), K. Maruyoshi (Seikei U), S. Mizoguchi (KEK), S. Moriyama (Osaka City U), T. Nishinaka (Osaka City U), T. Oota (Osaka City U), K. Sakai (Meiji Gakuin U), A. Tsuchiya (Shizuoka U), S. Yamaguchi (Osaka U), K. Yoshida (Kyoto U), R. Yoshioka (Osaka City U)
The latest symposium of this series in the past: